3 Tips to Help Prepare Construction Sites for Hurricanes

Damon Sabatini

October 4, 2022

3 Tips to Help Prepare Construction Sites for Hurricanes

Construction sites for hurricanes, there are three basic steps. Plan ahead, monitor weather reports, and place pumps in excavations or basements. Communicate with employees about the plan. Also, make sure to fill all gas tanks in vehicles and equipment. It is also a good idea to take photos of valuables before leaving the site.

Plan ahead

As hurricane season approaches, preparing construction sites for hurricanes is essential. Several factors can make construction sites vulnerable to hurricanes, including heavy winds and high water. It’s also necessary to make sure that materials are safe. This means securing containers and dumpsters, taking large openings, and placing sandbags around the site’s perimeter. Additionally, workers should be educated about hurricane warning terms and procedures.

Before a hurricane hits, securing construction materials and equipment is essential. Storms can send supplies and equipment flying around construction sites. This damage can be severe. Whether these materials are in a secure storage facility or workers’ hands, it’s essential to secure them.

Monitor weather reports

If hurricanes are in the forecast for your area, you must take steps to prepare construction sites. First, you need to move any driveable equipment to a secure facility. Also, monitor weather reports ensuring that your site is ready. If you have tower cranes, check their wind rating, as they can cause damage to other structures during a hurricane. You may also need to install additional protection for these cranes. Additionally, a cyclone can dump a lot of water onto construction sites. This excess water can be harmful to workers and neighbours, as well as reduce the structural integrity of buildings.

Construction sites need a hurricane plan, including an emergency response team, a clean-up kit, and trained personnel to clean up the area in the event of a hurricane. They should also engage third-party clean-up contractors to assist with mitigation efforts. Construction sites should also be prepared to move to higher ground and engage pumps if necessary. As hurricane season stretches from June to November, construction sites can be particularly vulnerable. But even before and after the hurricane season, storms can form, causing flooding, high winds, and heavy rains.

Place pumps in basements or excavations

A pump to remove water from the ground can be a great way to protect valuable items and construction sites from hurricane damage. Pumps are inexpensive and can prevent flooding in your basement. If you’ve got expensive items in your basement, a flood may cause substantial damage. Even if your insurance company covers some of the damage, you may not be able to get the total value of the items. Pumps must be regularly checked and maintained to prevent damage.

To prepare construction sites for hurricanes, builders should prepare pumps to remove standing water. These pumps can be placed in basements or excavations. These pumps are crucial to remove the excess water quickly after a hurricane. Not only does this ensure a dry construction site, but it also protects neighbouring buildings.

Communicate with employees

Communication is key. Keeping employees informed about any changes that can impact their safety is essential. For example, you may want to discuss with crew members whether they can come to work if a hurricane hits. Your crew members’ availability may change depending on their personal lives. Additionally, your office staff should have a plan to secure their computers and necessary backup paperwork. Also, determine a system for checking in on workers after a hurricane to ensure they are safe.

If possible, keep employees updated on hurricane announcements by designating a news station or radio channel. This will allow them to share news about the construction site during the storm. In addition, if the superintendent is on-site or can monitor the construction site safely, they can also relay information about the hurricane to all employees.

Document plan

Before a hurricane hits, it’s essential to document work at the construction site, including an inventory of materials, equipment, and supplies. This will help speed up the insurance claims process and make rebuilding easier. Documentation should include pictures and itemized lists. In addition, it should list any temporary fencing or toilets.

Hurricane season runs from May 15 to November 30 in the Atlantic and Pacific, so if you live in Houston or other affected areas, you should prepare. According to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, hurricane-related damage costs $54 billion annually, and construction sites are particularly vulnerable.

Before a hurricane strikes, construction site owners must educate their teams on hurricane preparedness and safety. This plan should clearly explain how storm conditions will impact the construction site. In addition, it should include a timeline for how the site will be secured. The project owner and team members should review the document to be sure it covers all safety precautions. The plan should also include how the impact of any potential material loss will affect the project’s schedule.