About Me

Damon Sabatini is a New York resident located in Livingston, NY. From a young age, Sabatini was self-made and continued to expand upon this area throughout his life. From his earlier years, his entrepreneurial spirit was evident in the multiple jobs he conducted throughout the neighborhood and community, helping nearby residents with many of the chores and items necessary to be able to operate his own business one day, hopefully. Sabatini knew early on that treading the beaten path would not be good for him. If he was to be successful and give back, he had to embark on his journey.

Sabatini currently owns S&W construction group, a premier construction company that offers a wide array of services, from complete overhauls to remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Sabatini uses his unique expertise in his many years of business to head on philanthropical projects as well, such as regularly and anonymously donating to food drives and building shelters for those in need. Looking forward, he plans to regulate the ever-growing economic demand for homes through the construction, placement, and shipment of container homes, a growing trend throughout the United States. Below, we will talk about his life in detail.

Unwavering Spirit

Damon Sabatini has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. In his formative years, he would help his neighbors and friends with various chores in hopes that one day he could open his own business. Once he had enough cash saved up, Damon wanted to expand beyond doing odd jobs or working a regular 9 to 5 job that seemed to stick everyone in the proverbial rat race. After some research, he decided that the best course of action would be to open a pressure washing business - as he had seen the model prosper for many others. He took the available cash, invested it in a pressure washer, and started looking for clients.

The unique pivot was that everyone needed his services much more than the odd jobs that were done previously. He now understood the power of leverage and had a unique skill set that would serve him well in the near future. Many houses needed his services for many things, including driveway cleanup, power washing decks, walls, and even some rougher carpets. Not long after, Damon Sabatini had the idea of starting his construction company, S&W Construction Group, as he had made many connections throughout his business dealings and was ready to offer more of a value statement and proposition to his clients. And thus, a 22-year-old company was born in 2000.

S&W Construction Group

The entirely bootstrapped business, based out of Livingston Manor, provides many services to nearby and more significant areas. The group has general contractor services that provide design-build services, trenching, and other common elements. S&W Construction Group has helped many residential and commercial real estate projects advance quickly throughout the Hudson Valley. Their value statement is that they are there for their clients from "nails to nuts," specializing in every phase related to plumbing and construction, including kitchens and decks. Their leadership throughout the construction community and trendline have also afforded them the expert knowledge necessary for home efficiency evaluations.

For their unique customer service and the quality of their projects, S&W Construction Group Inc. received the Best Building Award. This further solidified their reputation within the greater Hudson Valley area as being the leaders within their community. Their in-depth knowledge of construction work and trends has had them properly priced projects and source only the best material to get the job done.

Philanthropic Work

Their positive impact on the community measures the mark of a good entrepreneur. While this does mean providing excellent services to those who require them, it also goes beyond the business. Using his extensive experience in construction, Damon Sabatini has constantly donated his time, money, and effort to Habitat for Humanity. This organization is a global nonprofit that serves multiple communities by providing accessible and affordable housing for underprivileged people. Sabatini regularly builds ramps, free of charge for labor and materials, for those who are disadvantaged or handicapped.

Necessary accessibility additions, such as decks and ramps, are a vital addendum that needs to be present for mobility. While this is true for public spaces, it is equally important for residential areas. Many do not have the technical know-how to make this compliant and proper, so Damon Sabatini always inspects and ensures he is doing a great job. Damon also regularly donates to local food banks and helps the homeless, providing hot meals and non-perishable items where necessary.


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